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GIA s.r.l. is a family company located in Emilia Romagna, the Italian Food Valley.

The Company was founded in 1980 after discovered the process to manufacture garlic in paste.
During these years the Company extended the range of products with the aim to give to consumers quality and convenient products like sundried tomato paste, tomato and garlic puree, chilli puree, onion puree, shallot puree, pesto, anchovy paste.

Gia products are obtained from carefully selected ingredients, controlled and processed using modern equipment to ensure the perfect balance of the product in tube.
They are a high standard quality products and the tube is a very practice and easy to use tool in the kitchen.
These products meet the requirements of the working women and all those who call for the quality and the best results in cooking.

Quality and Food Hygiene are ensured with a rigorous application of HACCP and GMP on all the production.