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An innovation in the world of food consumption with pork products. This is Eat Pink. With Eat Pink the goal, in fact, is to offer the consumer, cooked products of service: ready in a few minutes; quality and no preservatives, no dyes, no added water; all through low temperature cooking techniques to maintain the nutritional and organoleptic values of the product. We have had great requests from the Large Distribution Organization as from the catering and the gastronomy that appreciate the product/ service of the highest quality: ready in 2 minutes, not to mention the shelf life of at least 45 days that allows rotation in counters and refreshments. The concept of pink meat was particularly welcomed: a meat that - contrary to the normal meaning - is not red or even white. Eat Pink is the first - and until now unique - example of vertical chain of the world of Italian pig husbandry. Eat Pink is a production line - the brand is registered at European level - which derives from the farms of Opas, the Pig Breeders Product Organization, which has over 70 Associate breeders who confer all pigs "Made in Italy" that is born, raised in our farms and slaughtered in our slaughterhouse in Carpi which is the most respectful in terms of certification rules. Bred according to the criteria of law - and indeed the associates of Opas operate at a higher level - of the current legislation. Opas is the largest Product organization in Italy (12% of Italian pig farming) able to raise heavy and intermediate pigs, planning and diversifying supplies in favor of the demands of commercial distribution. Opas has in fact created 3 chains based on internal disciplinary: the Antibiotic Free Chain that guarantees the absence of use of antibiotics from the first weeks of life of the animal (from the 49th day of life of the pig) until slaughter; the Animal Welfare Supply Chain that accompanies the animals in all the processes of birth, growth, feeding, transport and slaughter. It also ensures that animals live in pleasant environments, do not feel pain, fear or excessive stress and, finally, the Controlled Chain that has the goal of being able to offer the final consumer a food product controlled from the birth stage, in order to safeguard animal welfare aspects and the correct and responsible use of the drug in pig farms.

The pink lean meat

Ready to eat
The line is composed of Pulled Pork, Bacon, Fillet, Herb Fillet, Salt and Pepper Ribs,
Paprika and Rosemary Ribs

The Tender Ones
The new Eat Pink products, the tender ones, are healthy, but especially soft!
The Loin, the Fillet, the Collar, the Spare Ribs
The Spare Ribs: Marinated with Salt and Pepper
The Spare Ribs: Marinated with Paprika and Rosemary

How they are packed
The packaging is made by vacuum packing and subsequent heat shrinking. This allows the product to continue the process of softening and, simultaneously, a longer lasting preservation, improving the visual and taste characteristics


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