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Tecno plast has been operating since 1991, in the mould construction sector and in the processing of plastic materials through injection moulding.

Our injection moulding department is equipped with 20 latest generation injection moulding machines, completed with with dehumidifier, granule suction unit and granulator for an immediate recycling of scraps (where allowed).
Most of our presses are equipped with a sprue picker robot and an insertion robot. Our presses are designed to process all kinds of material. In addition, they can be networked together through an advanced management system and monitored throughout the entire production cycle and quality control process. The same interface allows monitoring the work progress, the press load and a number of parameters ranging from injection profiles to temperatures.
The mould construction department has always been the core of TECNO-PLAST’s production strategy. Our tooling department allows us to operate with extreme rapidity and a high quality standard combined with the flexibility necessary to meet our customers’ growing demands. Through the cooperation with the engineering departments of our customers, we are able to develop co-designed solutions specially tailored to harmonise and optimise the requirements imposed by the industrialisation of the product, such as, for example, tolerances or multi-component assemblies.

The factory features a warehouse fully equipped for good reception. Acceptance checks are performed on all incoming goods allowing each raw material to be identified with a lot number that will be traceable throughout the entire life of the product.