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Rievo follows the customer in the search for customized solutions for the handling of loads and the safety of working environments.

Rievo's mission is to develop new products for the industry, taking advantage of the very high quality standards used by the Stefal group, therefore a single philosophy, where every result achieved becomes a new starting point.

The RIEVO staff always seeks solutions:
- Smart
- Reliable
- Efficient
- Adaptable to existing situations

In the post-sales phase it continues to be a unique ally, periodically checking the products supplied, thus ensuring the customer a functional and constantly updated product, supporting him to develop new solutions for the efficiency of the working phases, safeguarding the true added value of all companies, or the people who constitute them.

Products of our main range EVOLIFT represent the ideal solution for optimizing business processes and safeguarding the well-being of its employees.

Thanks to their technology, they are able to make warehouse movement digital, leading to savings in time and resources.
The dynamism that distinguishes us is a guarantee of flexibility and reliability . Our products are constantly evolving, thus always guaranteeing solutions of the latest generation and in step with the times.

Advantages: All our products are designed and assembled entirely in Italy and the CE certifications are issued by a third party in charge and not through self-certification. Furthermore, the EVOLIFT line grows according to the customer's needs, thanks to its high level of customization.

All products from EVOLIFT range can have a structure in aluminium/iron or stainless steel 304 L to combine lightness with resistance and hygiene for pharmaceutical-food-sanitary environments.


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