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Via Carlo Zucchi, 21/A Modena - MO 41123 -
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Pikkart is an innovative SME born in May 2014 based in Modena and it s one of the best company in the sector with many awards received at the European level.

Pikkart is now operating in a rapidly-growing industry (Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Augmented Reality ecc ) and its innovative business model has all the ingredients to follow this growth in terms of market share and competitiveness.

In particular Pikkart has developed the following core competences:
• SDK suite to external Augmented Reality - Computer Vision software developers (indirect B2B)
• Augmented Reality - Computer Vision software development (direct B2B)

Pikkart is a company at the forefront of scientific and technological innovation for Artificial Intelligence , Computer Vision systems, Recognition Algorithms and Augmented Reality.

Pikkart has internally developed an outstanding ecosystem of proprietary AR-based technologies, that allow other developers the simple and fast creation of AR applications, to be integrated in their own software.

Pikkart also owns a wide range of products for industry and retail, as well as two patented technologies:
• PIKKART-AR LOGO: the PIKKART-AR ecosystem allows you to embed distinctive codes in your images and logos. Hidden to the human eyes, they allow you to associate different AR experiences to the same visual image: an essential technology when your brand identity cannot be visually altered (e.g. business cards, labels or brand logos with different contents, etc.).
• PIKKART-AR DISCOVER is a technology that recognizes objects in context - like a piece of machinery in a factory, a car in a showroom, an artwork in a museum - and makes it possible to link content such as information sheets, pictures, videos and 3D elements to objects and places. Unlike other visual recognition and augmented reality software, it doesn't need a 3D scan of an object or of an environment in order to recognize it, making it lighter, quicker, and cheaper.

Furthermore, Pikkart has a wide range of products, including:
• Pikkart-AR ASSISTANCE 4.0


051/6317322 - 0532/205122