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VOILAP DIGITAL (www.voilapdigital.com)

It is the digital company of the Voilàp Group.
It offers integrated technological solutions, from development software to the physical deploy, for the creation of innovative and emotional sales formats, aimed to help consumers through digital, enveloping and multi-sensorial shopping experiences, integrating virtual and physical spaces and products, connecting customers and producers of different sectors.

EMMEGI SPA (www.emmegi.com)

Emmegi is an integrated system of solutions, expertise and technology available to the customer. Emmegi's history began in 1970 in Limidi di Soliera (Modena, Italy), where its headquarters are still located. Established by Giuseppe Caiumi, it has been representing for over 50 years a leading global company in the design, production and trade of systems for machining profiles in aluminium, light alloy, PVC and steel.
Continuous innovation, top-notch quality, advanced logistical solutions, high marketing professionalism are our strengths. Today, it is a renowned partner in process consultancy.