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Edilteco Group was founded in 1981, developing thermal insulating mortars based on superlight aggregates, with particular reference to virgin expanded polystyrene beads, achieving over the years a role of technological, production and market leadership.

Edilteco’s focus is the creation of living comfort, through high quality material for thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, renovation and dehumidification and fire protection. The continuous and constant research allows to develop new products and improve the technical characteristics of the existing ones, paying particular attention to energy saving and well-being.

Edilteco’s products divisons are:
• THERMAL – Insulation & Chemicals Division for thermal insulation, renovation and dehumidification;
• DBRED – Noise Reduction Division focused on acoustic insulation and correction;
• PROTHERM LIGHT – Fireproofing Division for fire protection;
• EDILTECO GREEN – EPS 2.0, the new range of products, containing up to 90% of recycled material (regranulated EPS)

THERMAL Division includes POLITERM BLU, an aggregate composed of virgin EPS beads coated by the special EIA additive.The only aggregate on the market to be RAL certified, the only one usable for realizing mortars with densities starting from 110 kg/m3. ISOLCAP range, ready to use thermal insulating mortarsfor screeds and base-screeds, with unique features, such as the possibility to be applied by plastering machines or to receivethe direct laying of the final flooring. ECAP range for the external and internal wall insulation by boards. ISOLTECO and ISOLSAN range, lightweight ready to use plasters for thermal insulation and dehumidification.

DBRED range includes mats, boards, felts, panels with high insulating properties, rot-proof over time, odorless, resistant to mold or microorganisms, non-polluting, recyclable and resistant to pressure and cement alkalis.

PROTHERM LIGHT range provides fireproofing plasters and tools for passive fire protection of civil structures, such as airports, hospitals and schools, as well as residential and commercial buildings, and fire protection for petrochemical, industrial and tunneling fields. PROTHERM LIGHT range is the result of a constant technological development, aimed at saving human lives and safeguarding infrastructural assets. The fireproofing plaster PROTHERM LIGHT range was born from Edilteco's long experience as a manufacturer of lightweight thermal insulating mortars. This range is completed by some of the best performing plasters of leading companies in the sector.

The latest addition of Edilteco Group is the EDILTECO GREEN range, dedicated to products containing up to 90% of recycled material. The revolution of this Green line concern EPS, no longer virgin, but regranulated. Many years of research have led to an ecological and eco-friendly solution that guarantees the same performance as virgin EPS. The quality of our products depends mainly on the EPS bead: it must be "closed cell" in order to ensure the absolute non-absorbency. Through a special process, selected virgin EPS scraps (coming from boards, food containers, etc.) are treated "ginned" and restored to their original structure. Thanks to this process, the bead’s structure remains intact, continuing to guarantee its impermeability and performance. No compromise: the quality is always the same, but in addition, the Green line products allow to save on your bills and "clean up the planet". How? By reducing CO2 emissions by improving the energy efficiency of houses and reducing the amount of waste and the production of new material.

In 2020 Edilteco's partner, ESB srl, acquired the famous brand for block manufacturing machines, ROSACOMETTA.

ROSACOMETTA offers a complete range of models with a wide variety of production capacities, from the small V.5 capable of approximately 700 blocks per day up to, and including, fully automated plants capable of more than 25.000 standard blocks in an eight hour shift.
All ROSACOMETTA machines are very versatile with a capability to produce a wide range of block sizes and shapes by simply changing the moulds. Construction block for bearing and unbearing walls, floor block, outside paving units, screen/wall fences of various design, interlocking blocks and others to customers’ drawing or patent can all be produced on ROSACOMETTA machines.

ECOTERM is a worldwide point of reference for the production and sale of black copper oxide (CuO) and chrome flour (Cr2O3) destined to different industrial sectors. With two grinding plants, Ecoterm is the only company that produces copper oxide in Europe. Today in the field of industry that we can define pure, Ecoterm is an important name. Its strength? The highest quality of our products, without compromises.


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