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The Company founded in 1952, has delivered its activity in the design and installation of electrical systems. Cotti&Marchi has created a specific area related to building electrical transformer transportable substations, both containerized for large construction sites that armored tunnel substations, MV containerized distribution substations, protected and metal clad MV switchgears, LV switchgears, MV junction boxes up to 24kv, temporary or permanent lighting systems.
MV/LV containerized transformer substations (CTR) are self-supporting monobloc structures, fully wired, roof and side walls insulated, ideal for all outdoor installations.
Cotti&Marchi in addition to the containerized transformer substation realizes an armored substation, suitable for outdoor and tunnel installations, in heavy conditions: therefore, the substation has a bent steel sheet structure, minimum thickness mm.3, further reinforced where necessary.
The substation can be provided with MV/LV cable reel, skid on muddy grounds or wheeled undercarriage on uniform grounds.
MV containerized distribution substations optimize the cost for energy distribution near the point of use. Protected and metal-clad MV switchgears, of easy installation, have modular compartments suitable for future expansions. LV switchgears are used in domestic or industrial activities.
Cotti&Marchi supplies MV junction boxes, suitable to the quick connection of MV cables. During the realization of major works it is necessary to illuminate the construction sites; for this purpose Cotti&Marchi makes a lighting technical analysis of the areas to be illuminated, with a subsequent proposal for the supply and the commissioning of temporary or permanent lighting systems.
The ambition to maintain high levels, ensuring absolute quality standards, has allowed the company to obtain the international certification ISO 9001.
Cotti&Marchi guarantees production quality at every stage in order to achieve total customer satisfaction.


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