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Via Monsignor Luigi Maverna, 4 Ferrara - FE 44122 -
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ArchLivIng is an integrated design company.
In the belief that only a holistic approach can address contemporary complexity, ArchLivIng looks at the project in an integrated way between technical disciplines and people, with interdisciplinary contributions and according to an iterative and predictive approach.
We listen to the goals of customers, users, and communities.

We analyze and design buildings, infrastructures, and urban plans, and we restore areas affected by natural and anthropogenic events, taking care of the construction phase and management for their entire life cycle.

We deal with an interdisciplinary approach not only the technical subjects related to architecture, engineering, and urban planning but also Project Management, administrative assistance for the management of practices, and for the request for grants and research.
We work with communities to materialize their wishes. We do it with an inclusive approach, according to the principles of LEAN-AGILE to build a table of interdisciplinary skills around the customer.

We build a welcoming work environment made up of stable relationships and ties over time, which allows people to move in space and pursue their personal and professional goals, in a place that supports and enhances them.

We work together to achieve a future where we protect our planet, care for people, inspire progress, and share well-being. We do it together with institutions, trade associations, and the entire construction chain.


051/6317322 - 0532/205122