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Other products of interest
Flocculants (BioFloc, Kemira, SNF), Coagulants Flocculants (BioFloc, Kemira, SNF), Biocides (Biosano OG), medition elements (Hach), dosage pumps and equipments.
Oil and Gas Upstream water treatment, Oil and Gas Downstream water treatment and processes manteinance, Gold and silver mining main process, dust control and water treatment. Food industry water treatment and corrosion control.
Integral engineering and construction services. Planning, design and execution of construction projects.
Looking for: suppliers of electrical networks, mechanical engineering, oil constructions and EPC (Engineering, Acquisitions and Construction).
1. Development, manufacturing and distributing of high precision mechanical components for automotive industry, robots, plant- and system engineering. Dealing and Distribution of metal components.
2. Production, distribution and technical support of Eicher brand - agricultural spare parts - for more than 120.000 tractors all over Europa. Some parts are manufactured in company's facilities, some parts are sourced from outside (e.g. Italy and India). Network of more than 300 dealers.
1. Manufacturer / supplier able to supply mechanical components and engineering services.
2. Companies looking for a distributor / distribution network for their products in Germany.
3. Open for any new business, also in the field of food and beverage.
Manufacturer of customized pneumatic components, distributor of standard pneumatic components, importer of mechanical parts, manufacturer of assemblies, system supplier, service provider for supply chain management.

Pneumatic components (valves, cylinders, fittings, sensors, accessories).
Mechanical components (turned, milled, grinded, casted, stamped, formed).
Sectors of interest: METALWORKING and MECHANICAL / MECHATRONIC (small and medium companies preferred).
Measurement and control technology: plc, remote maintenance, switch components, fuses, connectors.
Supply of components, industrial electrics and electronics.
Technical sales partner for customers like machine builders, cabinet builders, control cabinet builders.

Potential partner: producer of different electrotechnical, electromechanical components or solutions.
Distributor of cold and hot forming parts, punching bend parts, castings, plastic parts, turned and milling parts and connection elements.
50% of clients: automotive industries. Further important clients: construction industries, plants constructions, commercial vehicle, farm machinery, bulding and furniture industries, food industries, wind power, etc.
Looking for:
castings, forgings, turned parts, laser parts and plasma parts, stampings.
Procurement Company with services for the Construction, Processing, Manufacturing and Mining industries. Sales, leasing and servicing of material handling equipments (e.g.: Forklift Trucks, Stackers, All Forklift Spare Parts, Industrial Tools, and Safety Wears)
Now dealing with and looking for:
- forklift trucks, stackers, reach trucks, electric andmanuel pallet trucks (clark brand)
- forklift spare parts
- safety wears (ppes), gloves, boots, jacket, trousers, helmet, nose masks,etc.
- pallet trucks, platform trolleys, safety cages, scissor lifttables, lpg cylinders
- all classifications of tools and industrial bearings
- compressors, compressor spare parts, oils, lubricants
Importation, sale installation and maintenance of plant and equipment for Mining, Construction, Electric Power Generation, Solar Power Generation;
Importation, sale and maintenance of Motor Vehicles Toyota & Tata Range of vehicles;
Provision of Engineering Services and manufacture of equipment.
Looking for:
- Solar powered mini cold rooms for fruits and vegetables
- Jigs, fixtures and other machinery for the manufacture of conveyor structures for stone quarries and mines.
- Machines for the production brushes tractor mounted sweepers.
- Large and medium sized plants for the conversion of waste to energy capable of processing up to about 3,000 metric tonnes/day of domestic and some industrial waste into energy and other by-products.
Stainless steel equipment for professional kitchens like: cooling counters and heated equipment, modular tables, serving line equipment, bar equipment, trolleys, exhaust hoods. Most of the products are manufactured for use in professional kitchens, grocery stores and supermarket chains.
Looking for:
companies from the Electrical Engineering/Components and Plastic Componenst industry.
Procurement services as a one - stop mall and trade platform for Industrial and Automotive parts, Engineering services and Consulting.
Spares parts for sectors such as Automotive, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Construction , Oil & Gas and Heavy Duty Applications.Clients: manufacturing compnies in pulp, paper & packaging industry, chemical manufacturing and processing, Food processing and Oil & Gas.
Looking for:
(a) Industrial Spares for industries and manufacturing sectors
(b) Automotive spares for the Auto Industry (Cars, Buses , Trucks and Heavy Duty Machinery)
(c) Heavy duty spares or Heavy equipment spares.
Production of:
poles for public lighting, towers for mobile telephone networks and transmission lines, tram, train and trolleybus poles, poles for road signs for construction of contact and other networks;distribution and command cabinets, specific steel lattice structures of large span and special requirements:
Construction of base stations for mobile telephony networks, transmission lines, substations, chair-lifts and installation of artificial snow, civil engineering and building facilities
Performance of construction works, building-craft works, electro works and works on the assembly of steel, concrete and others structures,  reconstruction and upgrading of all types of demanding steel structures and devices;complete objects for "turnkey" or system of engineering.
Looking for:
Electromechanical industry, Building companies,
Public lighting; Manufacturers of luminaires for public lighting,
 Power lines
Purchase, freezing and processing of IQF fruit, such as raspberries, blackberries, plums, sour cherries, blueberries and apricot. On-going investment in factory for aseptic production and production of final products – jams and juices.
Looking for:
Manufacturers of processing lines and machines, food processing industries.
After sale service for marble and marine market, giving support to shipping, shipyards and factories. Other sectors: Chemical, Oil and gas.
Production and distribution of AODD pumps, Sea Water Pumps, petrol pumps, thermal oil heating systems, electrical heater, pumps, main engine, burner, boiler, gearboxes, filters.
Marine, marble, chemical; ceramic, cement.
Main sectors: marine and industrial, service with spareparts and engineering of revision jobs.
Products: separators, pump, filter. centrifugal equipmentsfor filtration and separation. heat exchangers.
Projects in construction, support of engineers and manufacturers necessary.
United States
Air Ride Suspension Business Mig. weldments and assemblies, for over the road trucking.
United States
Energy end user, owner and project development/investor organization of majorly in the downstream sector, i.e. Petrochemical plants, Refineries and Power plants.
Also manufacturer’s representative in the USA and Canada with good relationships with end users like ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell, BP, with EPC companies and with process licensors and technology providers.
Looking for:
manufacturer of engineered equipment, systems or packages.