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English for cross-cultural business communication

Giovedì 6 settembre ore 14.15 - 15.00 - Sala 9

Seminario in lingua inglese

The Cross-cultural Business Communication Seminar will help you to:
• Communicate more effectively in cross-cultural business situations
• Enhance intercultural awareness and sensitivity
• Minimize the potential for culture-based misunderstandings and miscommunication in international business relationships

• Effective English communication strategies for doing business across cultures: communication styles, non-verbal communication, negotiating styles, direct vs. indirect language
• Patterns of cross-cultural business behaviour (e.g., Deal-focus vs. Relationship-focus; Formal vs. Informal; Rigid-time vs. Fluid-time, etc.)  
• Cultural values, stereotypes, generalizations; responding to stereotypes
• Cross-cultural conflict and resolution
• The multinational, multilingual workforce
• How cultural attitudes are reflected in language use

Presentation and development of key language and concepts followed by in-depth simulations in a professional context for “real life” practice of the target English communication skills

Relatore: Orianna Raggioli - Responsabile Area Linguistica Nuova Didactica

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