Via Moro, 7 Serravalle - Berra - FE 44030

Export: 8%
More than 50 employees


  • Electronics and Electrotechnics


Cierre offers to its customers a service of designing cards, cables and electronic equipment. This service offers a value-added production cooperation, in order to achieve a competitive advantage. The proposed service extends to the electronic design and industrialization based on the specific operation of the customer such as eletronic boards made with PTH and SMT technology, power subsysttem on heatsinks, and cable electronic switchboards and electrical panels up to 200 sq. mm cables,electrical panels.. Cierre offers a service of designing and manufacturing products certified UL (traceability cablatore).
The processes involve wiring signal, Ropes power, Flat Cable, Connectors co-molded, and in general electrical wiring used in the USA and CANADA.


Automotive, medical, energy, railway, domotics