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V.le A. Corassori, 54 Modena - MO 41124 -
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Through our sister company DEST ITALIA, we supply technical solution and equipments for meat processing as follow:

Engineering, construction and installation of meat complex and buildings; Supervision up erection and commissioning of slaughtering lines, including training of the operators in Italy; Supply of slaughtering and meat processing machines for cattle and sheep:
1. “Turn-key” slaughtering lines for cattle and sheep;
2. HALAL killing box and slaughtering lines;
3. Rendering and by-products processing machines;
4. Motorized aerial transport conveyors for the meat industry;
5. Blood processing equipments;
6. Cold rooms construction, complete of insulating panels, refrigeration units and doors;
7. Waste water treatment plants;
8. Deboning lines including packaging and traceability software systems;
9. Meat processing and sausages preparing machines, including maturing and seasoning plants;
10. Incinerator units;
11. Hygiene and sanitary equipments and accessories.


051/6317322 - 0532/205122